The Problem

IT underperforms. IT strategies are misaligned with purpose and are often executed poorly. IT support fixes technical issues but falls short of helping the workforce use tech well. There’s no framework to measure how well IT is performing, or where you should focus next.

IT has failed the social sector.

The Impact

This causes expensive, inhibiting issues that weaken your ability to deliver to your purpose.

IT should solve problems.
Never add to them.

The Solution

IT that is clearly aligned with your purpose, designed to build capacity, upskills your workforce, informs you of how your IT is performing and where you should invest next.

This is our promise.

The Benefit

Greater IT reliability & performance; increased workforce proficiency, mobility & collaboration; streamlined internal operations; effective service delivery and greater social impact.

From Design to Implementation to Management – Human IT is there every step of the way.

We’ve developed a framework for you to easily craft an IT strategy. Download it here!

How We Align IT

The Process

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Developing a huge 3 year IT strategy will result in something academic and meaningless.

We develop a strategy that executes over 12 months.

This keeps it practical, generating quick learnings and keeping pace with fast-moving technology.

Interested in just one or a few of these steps?

No problem.

We’re often and repeatedly brought on to build and drive IT projects, host and manage IT systems, craft IT strategies or work with in-house IT teams.

Not sure what you need? Talk to us. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

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